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Couples Counseling

Can you answer YES to the following questions?

  • Do you find it difficult to talk about important things with your partner or spouse?
  • Does anger or recurring moods threaten the stability of your relationship?
  • Have you ever thought that your partner or spouse has a drinking problem?
  • Did you feel distant or estranged from your partner?

Couples therapy is, fundamentally, relationship therapy. Too often, relationships break down because conversations that are important to have – simply do not happen. When communication breaks down, other fundamental aspects of the relationship become strained.

During the first phase of therapy, we provide a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in which people can talk and find new ways to reach each other. More than that, we can also teach communication skills with which each person can communicate in more productive and more satisfying ways.

The second phase of relationship therapy will consist of improving the quality of the relationship. This is where the fun begins. We will work on building intimacy and bringing the joy, romance and fun back into your relationship.

There is a well-known phrase:
“Life is about showing up.”

People who come to couples therapy deserve tremendous credit for simply making the effort to show up. Over time, by “showing up,” each of us can learn more about the other than we had assumed we knew and ever imagined that we had previously known. From there, a deeper understanding and more rewarding relationship begins and naturally develops.

Friendly atmosphere
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