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Santa Cruz & Scotts Valley Heartmath
Therapy Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of life. It is the body’s response to external stimuli. Stress can be caused by driving in traffic, a bad review at work, the pressures of raising a family, medical and mental health symptoms, and while we don’t often think about it even positive life events are a form of stress. Think about the last time you started a new job or had friends or family over that you have not seen in awhile.

These are also all forms of stress. Given that there is no way to avoid external stimulus having effective coping skills for dealing with stress is necessary. So it’s not the stress but rather how we respond to it, both physically and emotionally, that determines how much it will impact ones wellness and our ability to live fulfilling lives. If the stress of life leads to chronic physical ailments or pain, an absence pleasure or relaxation, or other significant negative changes, it is time to seek help.

At Coastal Turning Point we can help you work through the life events that cause your distress and also help you develop effective coping tools.

Heartmath Therapy Can Help

HeartMath is often used when working with clients who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, addictions, chronic pain, grief, and other trauma related conditions. Shawn Smith utilizes HeartMath, a form of biofeedback therapy meant to help bring you back to balance both physiologically and psychologically.

HeartMath research has demonstrated that different patterns of heart rhythm (which accompany different emotional states) have distinct effects on cognitive and emotional function. During times of stress, when the heart rhythm pattern is erratic, our ability to think clearly, remember, reason, and make effective decisions is limited. HeartMath therapy, utilizing biofeedback and breathing exercises, changes the heart rhythm. This sends different patterns to the brain and the heart rhythm becomes more coherent (smooth and ordered). This often results in reduction of stress.

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